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Britons have been urged to get out and enjoy the next 48 hours of uncharacteristically stunning September weather, which as of Monday will come to an abrupt end when Hurricane Humberto crashes into the UK unleashing chaos. Until then, southern parts of England have hit a sweltering 27C, and elsewhere the average temperature today has been 20C.Today’s temperatures will be hotter than that of Istanbul, which has been recorded at 21C.

Met Office forecaster Nicola Maxey said: “Saturday is going to be the warmest day of this spell of fine weather with temperatures in the southeast likely to reach 26C or even higher in some spots.

“Elsewhere we are expecting highs in the 20Cs as warm, dry air is drawn in from the near Continent.

“This is due in part to the jet stream which is quite strong at the moment and is helping to pull warm air in from the south.”

The remnants of the Cat 3 Humberto will merge with low-pressure systems to make the UK wet, cold and windy until Thursday the following week.

A spokesman for The Weather Company said: “More unsettled conditions will move in from the west over the weekend with particularly wet and windy weather expected to start next week as the remnants of Hurricane Humberto are expected to pass to the north-west of Britain.”

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “Something more changeable and cooler will develop after this settled spell of weather.

“Britons should make the most of the sunshine with the potential for much colder and unsettled conditions through the second half of the month.”

The forecast comes amid tropical storm season, which is now underway in the US, with Hurricane Humberto making headlines near Bermuda resulting in widespread power failure as fellow storms Imelda and Jerry rage throughout the US coastline.

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Two additional disturbances in the Caribbean threaten to become “cyclonic formations” in the next 48 hours stirring up a chaotic weather bomb in the Atlantic that could influence weather systems in Britain from Monday onwards.

This will result in a shift from quiet anticyclonic conditions to more chaotic weather involving downpours, blustery winds and ice cold temperatures.

Describing its impact on the UK, Netweather TV forecaster Jo Barrow said: “After ex-Humberto’s interactions with the other lows in the north Atlantic, a low pressure containing the remnants of Humberto will head our way.”

Ms Barrow added Jerry will follow Humberto with hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic having a “powerful influence up through the atmosphere”.


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A Met Office spokesman added: “With the hurricane, it will become more modified by the time it reaches us.

“We are in for a wet wrath of it when it arrives. We will have some rain over the weekend, but the remnants of the hurricane will come on Monday.

“It will bring cloud, rain and wind, but nothing too severe at the moment. It may be something that will require a weather warning a later time.”

As the cluster of storms make their way outwards their moisture brings a risk of flash flooding, which will also be down to the jet stream drop across the western US.

As a result, moisture will be carried along the jet stream northeastward and break out over the Atlantic.

This will also result in debris being carried across the waters.

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