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Speaking to LBC, the MP claimed Mr Lansman is seen to be “acting in J‘s name” and urged the Momentum founder to resign from the National Executive Committee (NEC). Mr Streeting criticised the Momentum advocate’s attempt to oust Tom Watson and called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to “kill the story” completely and focus on the party’s manifesto, instead of this event, in the coming weeks.

He said: ”Momentum is seen to be the Corbyn faction.

“I don’t think what they’ve done is actually in Jeremy Corbyn’s, the Labour party’s interest and, most importantly, the country’s interest.

“The country should be our focus. Not these sorts of factional battles and reprisals.”

He added: “I think Jon Lansman should really consider his position on the NEC and resign.

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“I don’t understand how Jon Lansman can possibly think, as a member of the NEC, he has done the right thing for the country or the party.”

The Labour MP claimed Jeremy Corbyn failed to “kill the story” completely as he tabled a counter-motion to review the future of Mr Watson’s role. 

The opening of the party’s conference in Brighton was overshadowed by the attempt to oust Mr Watson, who has been a prominent critic of the leader.

The party’s ruling NEC drew back from an immediate vote on whether to recommend abolishing the position of deputy leader.

The Labour frontbencher claimed his stance on Brexit, where he backs a second referendum before a parliamentary election, unlike leader Jeremy Corbyn, is behind efforts by some in the party to remove him.

Mr Watson branded the move as a “straight sectarian attack on a broad church party”.

Adding: “What it shows is that this conference is supposed to be a platform for what could be a general election in six weeks.

“It’s a straight sectarian attack on a broad church party.

“And it’s moving us into a different kind of institution where pluralism isn’t tolerated.”

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