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Prince Philip and some other younger members of the Royal Family are widely known for their jokes, but it turns out that Queen Elizabeth II also has a very good sense of humour. Not only does she love a good prank – which the Royal Family ceremoniously engages in every Christmas – but she knows how to deliver one-liners than can light up the whole room. Prince Harry once said about his grandparents: “They are very funny together.

“My family is the same as any other family when it comes to humour behind closed doors.”

1992 BBC Documentary “Elizabeth R” sheds some light on what Her Majesty is really like and catches one of her quick-witted retorts.

The week before Christmas in 1991, Buckingham Palace turned into a television studio, to record the annual Christmas speech.

That year, the producer was English broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.


While the monarch was being instructed on what to do, she asked Sir David: “Clothes wise… does this look aright?

“With the background?”

Everyone’s favourite naturalist can be heard immediately replying: “Yes, it does.”

Smiling, the Queen then added: “It would be jolly awful if you said no.

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Royal expert and author Robert Hardman made the revelation in his book Queen of the World.

He explained the Queen decided to have a bit of fun with Philip’s hairy look.

Mr Hardman wrote: “It was a comedy moment when the Queen and Duke were finally reunited.

“Knowing that he had grown a beard on his travels, the Queen had arranged for everyone in the royal entourage – herself included – to put on fake whiskers just before the Duke walked in.”

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