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Michelle made the surprising admission during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. During the interview, Michelle revealed what her and her husband, former US President Barack Obama fought about while she was writing her book in 2018.

The former First Lady revealed that Barack had missed out on “all the good stuff”.

She also claimed that her and Barack would “fight” over which anecdotes they should both include in their books.

She said: “Since my book was first, he lost on all that, all the good stuff.”

However, when Mr Kimmel asked Michelle about whether there would be “rift” between her and Barack if Oprah did not include his book in her book club, Michelle responded jokingly.

She said: “It might hurt his feelings but he’ll get over it.”

Michelle also revealed during the interview what it was like being unemployed ahead of the release of her book, ‘Becoming’.

Mr Kimmel asked her what unemployment was like after leaving the White House over a year ago.

Michelle joked that the two former heads of state had now become “boring”.

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She revealed that Barack had told her he preferred to correspond via letter as opposed to using the phone.

She told her readers of how she warned Barack that he needed to be brought back into the 21st century.

She wrote: “Barack told me, ahead of leaving, that he preferred letter writing.

“I informed Barack that if our relationship was going to work, he’d better get comfortable with the phone.

“I was joking but only a little.

“And so it was that Barack became a phone guy.”

The ultimatum served as a stern warning for the ex-President as he swiftly decided to swap pen and paper for the telephone.

During an interview with CBS host Gayle King, Michelle also confessed about how her and Barack’s marriage should not be used as an example.

Michelle said: “Young couples think that all they see of us is the fist bump and the love and I’m looking adoringly at his speeches.

“And my view is that we can’t be up here as role models and not be telling people the truth about life and relationships. Marriage is work. Marriage is hard.”

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