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Diana, the wife of Prince Charles, became a world-famous celebrity in her own right, with some claiming the ‘People’s Princess’ became bigger than the monarchy itself. After she split from the Prince of Wales in 1992, her profile was so large she remained a popular public figure as she graced high profile events with celebrity-status friends. Now, a royal expert has warned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in danger of following the same path as hysteria around the royal couple reaches fever point.

The couple have been in the public eye since their royal wedding last May, with interest set to pique with the imminent arrival of the couple’s first royal baby, expected at the end of April.

Speaking on Yahoo News UK’s Royal Box, royal historian Anna Whitelock warned how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have blurred their roles as royals and celebrities.

She claimed the couple may outgrow the Royal Family – and have “no significance” to the monarchy itself.

Mrs Whitelock said: “Harry and Meghan are in this situation where actually they are significant to the royal brand in the sense of generating interest but actually not significant to the monarchy in terms of its future.”

The historian also said Meghan and Harry were “cultivating themselves as a social media couple”.

The comment comes after the royal couple broke a Guinness World Record for their Instagram followers, having racked up over one million in less than six hours.

Mrs Whitelock said: “I think the line that they’re walking and are going to have to walk very carefully, is between royalty and celebrity.

“They may end up diverting too far away from the royal brand and become celebrities in their own right.”

The royal historian also claimed Diana followed the same path during her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

Continuing, Mrs Whitelock said: “The problem is, if you’re a royal you can generate lots and lots of interest and lots of appeal, but ultimately it’s got to be for the firm, it can’t be for any one person,” Anna said.

“Of course, that’s where Diana, to some extent, came unstuck because brand Diana became bigger than that of the Royal Family.”

But the expert said heir-apparent William and his wife, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, are following a different path.

She continued: “I think in a sense Kate and William are very much the royal couple.

“They have to be, very soon they’re going to be next in line to the throne.”

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