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Manchester United will only sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this side of Christmas if his side suffer a long run of defeats, reckons ESPN FC pundit Craig Burley.

Solskjaer saw his United team suffer a shock 2-1 defeat at home to Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Many believe the Red Devils will face a tough test to finish in the Champions League qualification spots this season.

Burley believes it is an overreaction to say, following the Palace loss, Solskjaer could be sacked before Christmas.

He believes the Norwegian will be given more time than that unless results continue to go south for Manchester United.

“We were talking about it at the end of last season – ‘Was Solskjaer the right man to take over?’,” Burley said.

“The answer’s always been, for me, no, clear no.

“It’s not even a difficult one because he came from nowhere to manage Man United.

“Now, the question is off the back of a very poor result against Crystal Palace, a Crystal Palace side who started the season slowly and lost to Sheffield United the week before, and off the back of a performance in the second half at Wolves that wasn’t very good, plus all the penalty nonsense about ‘well [Paul] Pogba can take it, [Marcus] Rashford can take it’.

“So people are saying is there any leadership?

“I think all the way through Man United you could talk about that, not just on the pitch.

“So would it be an overreaction to say he will be gone by Christmas?

“I’m going to say it would be, only because, and they could have some bad results, but you know the ones upstairs that dither, that can’t make decisions, Ed Woodward and his cronies, you kind of feel they’ll sit on their hands for a while.

“So I think he’s got a bit of time, so I think that might be a bit of an overreaction unless they go like six straight defeats and it just caves in.

“I think he’ll survive maybe just until after Christmas.”

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