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Paula Moosa, 25, said little Charlie was having an off day and started crying when she refused to give him a bag of sweets. A woman who she does not know, then snapped and shouted at the child to “shut up”. The mum-of-two from Boothferry Estate, west Hull, was trying to calm down her son, when all of a sudden the woman shouted, ‘For God sake, shut it up’.

Ms Moosa said: “I was in Primark, sitting down on the bit where you try shoes on, waiting for my sister and my son Charlie was crying because he was tired and wanted sweets.

“I said, ‘no, not until we get out of the shop’, so he carried on crying.

“Then a woman, who was sat next to me, then shouted ‘for God sake, shut it up!’ Then she said to me, ‘Give it something to shut it up’.

“I said, ‘no I wont, I am not giving him his own way for your sake. You shut up’.

“So she came right to my face and said ‘what did you say?’ so I said, ‘I told you to shut up, do not speak to my son like that’ so she then told me to f*** off and stuck her middle finger up and walked away.

“I am not sure what she meant, I was fuming.”

Miss Moosa, also mum to Alfie, four, said the woman’s shouting stunned Charlie so much that he stopped crying.

She said she did not report the incident to the security guards but said she would have done if it had “become more heated”.

Miss Moosa said it is not up to strangers to tell other parents how to treat their children.

She said: “I think people should keep their opinions to themselves, everyone parents differently.

“Advice is always welcome and is always nice but when people tell you you’re doing it wrong, that annoys me.

“He was just having an off-day because he was tired after his birthday party which was the day before.”

Miss Moosa spoke out after another mum was asked to clean up after her son in a pub. The landlady gave the mum a dust pan and brush and asked her to sweep up her mess.

The issue was discussed by parents on the Hull Live – Family News page, where Miss Moosa shared her experience.

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