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Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri brought in Gonzalo Higuain on loan from Juventus in January after making it clear he was not a fan of Alvaro Morata or Olivier Giroud.

However, Higuain has scored just three goals in 10 Premier League appearances and was left out of the starting XI for the trip to Anfield on Sunday.

Souness is a fan of the Argentine but doubts whether at 31 he is the right man to take Chelsea forward.

The former Liverpool manager believes Chelsea are not far away from competingwith the pacesetting Reds and Manchester City.

Souness says a top centre-forward is the missing piece of the jigsaw.

But he admits doubts over owner Roman Abramovich, who is not allowed to work in the U.K. due to Visa issues, could be a problem.

“I’ve said all year, I don’t think Chelsea are far away,” Souness said on Sky Sports after Chelsea’s loss at Liverpool on Sunday.

“Imagine [Didier] Drogba today in that team, or even [Diego] Costa in that team today.

“It’s a very different Chelsea, you’d have that focal point, someone that will take the centre-backs on physically.

“When Higuain came on, and I’ve been a fan of Higuain throughout his career, but he is 31 now and he was playing off the two centre-backs.

“But I still think there is a lot to be admired about Chelsea.

“I thought they turned up today but without the obvious, which is the hardest thing to get in football, the man that puts the ball in the net, a man you can bounce the ball off, a man who can join in, and that’s why you have to pay the big bucks.

“Now the problem for Chelsea going forward, the owner would appear to be disinterested in it now, he’ll feel he’s been let down by our government, no longer would appear to want to invest the big bucks anymore and that’s the problem for Chelsea going forward.

“But I still think there is a lot to like about Chelsea, the way they move the ball, got some good players. I don’t feel they’re that far away.

“But, at the start of the season they had Morata who wasn’t good enough, Giroud is still there who doesn’t do enough for me and obviously the manager saw it that way.

“They’ve got Higuain and again at 31 will he be that answer for them?

“It just depends how much interest the owner has and how much investment the owner makes.

“There’s not a lot wrong with Chelsea for me.”

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