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But Manchester City will not be able to dodge a supposed similar issue regarding their historic acquisition of Jadon Sancho.

The i claim will not be punished for a reported £650,000 payment to Christensen’s father, Sten, because the Premier League already knew about it.

Back in 2015 the Premier League gave an effective amnesty to clubs, who could come forward with information on how they acquired players aged between 12 and 16.

In doing so, the League was able to put in place new sanctions regarding to signing of under-age players.

Those news rules were implemented at the start of the 2016/17 season, with Chelsea having already admitted to the Christensen payments.

They were therefore not punished for the declaration.

But are reported to have NOT declared the Sancho signing they made back in 2014, when the player was 14 years old.

City are said to have paid Sancho’s agent, Emeka Obasi, £200,000 over the handling of a scouting contract.

The i claim the FA and Premier League are looking at the deal, which took place five years ago and which was not declared in the aforementioned amnesty period.

“The attempt to damage the club’s reputation is organised and clear,” a City statement to the i read.

“We will not be providing any comment on out of context materials purported to have been hacked or stolen from City Football Group and Manchester City personnel and associated people.”

The ‘materials’ mentioned supposedly is in relation to the Sancho revelations first published by German magazine Der Spiegel, based on Football Leakes documents and emails.

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