Brussels CAVES: EU offers Northern Ireland-only backstop – but issues no deal warning | UK | News


David Sassoli, the European Parliament’s president, said the bloc was ready to make the offer if the Prime Minister can secure the support of MPs. He fumed that British negotiators have failed to put forward any new proposals to prevent customs checks on the Irish border. The measure would see Northern Ireland kept in the EU’s customs union and parts of the single market.

Mr Sassoli told reporters: “I’d like to stress this point. The United Kingdom hasn’t really proposed any alternatives.

“We are willing to go back to the original EU proposal… which is that a backstop will only be provided for Northern Ireland.”

Mr Sassoli insisted the EU Parliament would block any deal put on the table that doesn’t include a backstop.

He said: “There can’t be an agreement without a backstop.


“If you don’t want to talk about that it means you don’t want to talk at all and there is nothing to talk about at all.”

Mr Johnson yesterday rejected returning to the original EU offer, which the bloc tabled last February.

The EU Parliament President also hit out at the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend Parliament.

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