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Because like all kids of a certain age in Brazil, the Brighton defender is an avid fan of the 2005 film “Green Street”.

Hobbit actor Elijah Wood is part of a West Ham crew when they bumps into the more unsavoury element of rival Millwall fans in a film largely ignored in this country but which was a big hit in South America with the more simple title of “Hooligans”.

So, unlikely as it seems, the 23-year-old knows exactly what to expect when Brighton head to the New Den for their FA Cup quarter-final tomorrow.

“The players have told me, but Millwall is very famous in Brazil because of the movie Green Street,” he explained.

“I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but is known in Brazil because of the movie and it is connected always with their fans.

“In Brazil, every evening they broadcast a few films on the main channel, Global, but I think they only bought maybe 200-300 movies. So they keep repeating them.

“So Green Street is on TV maybe twice a year.”

‘s Bernardo has plenty of experience of intimidating atmospheres at football grounds without recourse to the small screen.

As a boy, he and his friends found a way to sneak from the neighbouring sports club to creep into the main stadium on match days.

“I was a fan of Sao Paulo and I have seen pitch invasions, fireworks thrown on to the pitch, that kind of stuff,” he said.

“I was a member of the sporting club attached to Sao Paulo. Me and my friends found a door that would get us from the swimming pool straight to the stadium.

“We found a way to break the hand-lock and every single match, we were 20 to 30 kids getting into the stadium and watching the game for free.”

Even in the Bundesliga, Bernardo was no stranger to intimidating atmospheres.

“In Germany, Leipzig is a very hated team,” he said. “We weren’t really in danger but they did a few things with us.

“There was a cup game where they threw a pig head on the pitch and there was one time at Leverkusen where they attacked our bus with paintball weapons.

“They were more like pranks than putting us at risk.”

The behaviour of supporters right now is an important issue after a spate of pitch invasions that marred the British football programme last weekend.

Nevertheless, Bernardo is confident the authorities in this country still lead the way in terms of crowd and player safety.

“Because of the problems we have in Brazil with the hooligans, England is seen as a role model of how to solve these problems.

“In the 80s and 90s, I guess it was as bad here as it is in Brazil right now,” he said.

“So if you put on Sky Sports Brazil or Fox Sports, England is always mentioned as a role model.

“So we don’t see you guys as hooligans, not at all. You still have a lot of credibility because of the problem that you solved with the hooligans.”

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