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Belgium MEP Philippe Lamberts explained that when Theresa May was asked what happens if she can’t get her deal through next week her shocking response was that she “didn’t know”. This has re-opened the possibility of the UK leaving the EU on a no deal Brexit much to the dismay of the Prime Minister who hopes to have a third “meaningful vote”. During the latest EU summit, the MEP added that the EU has offered Mrs May two potential extension dates to reach a solution.

Mr Lamberts said: “Frankly when you read the letter of the Prime Minister.

“It was basically spelling out no deal Brexit between the lines.

“We would like to have a clear strategy.

“When she was asked what happens if you can’t get the deal through next week.

“The answer was basically, I don’t know.

“That is, of course, scary, it may be part of her tactics to have the EU 27 looking into the abyss as well.

“So I think that the dual delay that has been put on the table is reasonable so either the deal gets approved next week and then it is up to the European election that the UK has to get itself organised.

“Or it doesn’t get passed and by the 12 of April, we need a plan.

“Based on that plan we can then decide what is next and potentially a longer extension.

“But we cannot possibly talk about a longer extension without knowing what the British Government has in mind.”

If MPs approve Mrs May’s deal next week, May 22 will be the date when the UK leaves with the deal.

This date hopes to gives enough time to ratify any deal and is the day before the European Parliament elections.

If MPs reject Theresa May’s deal, this is the new day the UK will be due to leave the EU- either with a deal or without.

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