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Diplomats and officials are “tearing their hair out” at the prospect Jeremy Corbyn winning the keys to Downing Street amid political chaos in London. They simply can’t understand why Labour have pledged to negotiate a “credible” Brexit deal with Brussels before campaigning against it in a referendum. Brussels sources also revealed they regret forming tactical alliances with Remain campaigners during the Brexit negotiations.

“They want us to negotiate a ‘credible’ deal and then they will campaign against it in a referendum? That is mad,” an EU source told the Times.

“How can we negotiate with people like that? Their divisions and magical thinking are as bad as anything the Conservatives produced – perhaps worse.”

The guidance offered to Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, to shape Labour’s tactic has had a detrimental impact on the divorce deal negotiated with Theresa May, the source claimed.

There is a belief among officials that hardline Remainer have helped create Westminster’s political crisis, which has since polluted the EU after the Brexit deal was defeated three times by MPs.

The source suggested that officials in Brussels would have had more success engaging with “sensible” Labour MPs rather than the party’s hard-left front bench.

“It would have been better to talk to sensible MPs like Stephen Kinnock or Lisa Nandy who want an agreement,” they said.

Ms Nandy and Mr Kinnock are part of a growing group of Labour MPs willing to support a Brexit deal to be put to MPs to stop the possibility of Britain leaving the EU without an agreement.

EU capitals have often made dashes to engage with Remainers in a desperate bid to reverse Brexit.

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“It has not been helpful and has been a get out jail free card allowing the Westminster parliament to think they do not have to take responsibility for the withdrawal agreement.”

Labour’s deranged Brexit strategy has whipped up a civil war within the party as senior members take opposing sides.

Last night deputy leader Tom Watson came under fire after he demanded a second referendum to overturn Brexit instead of an election.

Labour MP Gareth Snell warned the public has “no appetite” for a rerun poll and said the numbers “simply do not exist in Parliament” to vote it through.

“If we all now run back to our preferred positions and say we’re not going to move from this point, we put no-deal back in play by virtue of ruling everything else out,” he added.

Sir Keir said: “We are in good spirits and, as I say, referendum on any deal now, and referendum in the manifesto, and so that is a really important united position.

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