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Brexiteer Claire Fox broke into an outraged rant at the “vile and horrible” behaviour towards Brexiteers at a Brexit Party rally in Bolton on Monday. The Brexit Party MEP candidate added that it is tempting to “lash out” but insisted Brexiteers should “rise above” the “wild conspiracy theories”. She said: “There is a sense of desperation in the air from the opponents of Brexit.

“Those determined to water down and overturn our democratic vote.

“While they are dolling out insults and abuse coming out fast and furious with a kind of shrill conspiratorial wild fantastical accusations and vile muckraking.

“They are in danger of debasing public life.

“One Guardian journalist described the atmosphere of a rally, much like this, in Yorkshire last week said it was the Blitz spirit whipped up into a lynch mob.

“What a vile and horrible sentiment.

“It is tempting to lash out, it is tempting but we will not resort to their tactics.

“It is fantastic to see here throughout the country and even on social media, Brexit party candidates and supporters are rising above this muckraking.

“As they go even lower, we must go even higher”

The crowd then burst into cheers and applause as the MEP paused.

Mrs Fox’s outraged speech comes after the milkshake attack on party leader Nigel Farage earlier in the day.

The Brexit Party leader’s suit was left covered in a milkshake following an incident when it was thrown at him during a walkabout in Newcastle city centre on Monday.

On Tuesday, Northumbria Police said that 32-year-old Paul Crowther has been charged with common assault and criminal damage.

The Brexit Party leader, speaking exclusively to the Daily Express, said that civility has broken down in Britain among some Remainers who refuse to accept the result of the 2016 referendum.

He said: “For a civilised democracy to operate people who lose elections have to give consent to the result.

“What has happened here uniquely in British history is the losers of the referendum, and these are very senior political figures, refuse to accept the result, try to pretend the result shouldn’t have happened, want to stop it, want to reverse it or want to make us vote again.

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