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Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox unleashed her anger and frustration during an EU Parliament session and took aim at Lib Dem MEP Lucy Nethsingha. Ms Fox argued that if Jo Swinson’s party was so confident in their politics they should agree to a general election. She said: “If you were so confident in your politics, why don’t you let us have a general election.

“Why do you, the Liberal Democrats, refuse and vote against ordinary voters in the country going to the polls.

“You say that you won’t let them do it until you have taken something off the table that you decided on your behalf anti-democratically.

“You are neither liberal nor democratic and you say you are ashamed of the British Parliament.

“But I am ashamed you’re a British MEP.”

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The EU Parliament Vice President then began complaining that at no point did Ms Fox ask a question.

The Brexit Party MEP quickly retorted that her question was whether the Liberal Democrat MEP was ashamed.

She promptly sat down with her fellow Brexit Party MEPs applauding her actions.

Ms McGuiness then added she would allow the Liberal Democrat to answer that in hopes she had a good reply.

“So we must secure an extension before we have the election and then you can bring it on.

“Because the Liberal Democrats will win far more MPs and always have done than the Brexit Party.”

The clash was later posted on the Brexit Party MEP’s page and Ms Fox was commended by viewers for her bravery and dedication to the Brexit cause.

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