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Tensions will mount on tonight’s political debate programme as audiences and panels members will discuss Extinction Rebellion’s take over of the capital, creating commuter mayhem for thousands of Londoners.

A heated debate could take place between broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer, who condemned protestors earlier this week for travel disruption, and Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Rupert Read.

Grant Shapps, Conservative transport minister, could weigh in on the debate after a protestor glued himself to his department’s building.

Mr Shapps is also likely to come under fire after the repatriation of almost 150,000 stranded tourists this week from the collapse of Thomas Cook.

Further debates will no doubt take place between the audience, Mr Shapps and Labour MP Lisa Nandy over Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans facing a crunch EU summit next week.

Question Time will begin at 10.35pm on BBC One, see live updates below, all times UK BST. 

BBC Question time airs live on BBC One at 10:35pm

BBC Question time airs live on BBC One at 10:35pm (Image: BBC)

11:35pm update: Ms Bruce ended the show.

11:34pm update: Mr Read claimed there should be advert bans to protect children’s minds.

A woman in the audience asked if there was a link between “screen time” and obesity.

Mr Read said there should be more time for children outdoors.

11:32 update: Ms Nandy said due to the transport crisis there was a need for her constituents to snack on the train.

She added a reason people were overweight was due to cuts from the government.

Mr Read said children’s minds were filled up with junk.

11:29pm update: Mr Shapps said the Governemnt would not ban eating on public transport.

He said the better thing was to focus on exercise, he promoted a bike scheme in schools.

He said it is important to reduce obesity.

11:28pm update: A woman in the audience claimed it was a “superficial solutuon” to the problem.

She said people needed to be fed reliable information.

One man supported the idea of banning snacking like smoking.

11:26pm update: Mr Paphitis said there were far more thing to worry about.

He said people can “scoff themselves” elsewhere.

A woman in the audience said it was about funding for houses that couldn’t afford to cook proper meals.

11:35pm update: Ms Hartley-Brewer said if a child is fat it is the failure of being a parent.

She said there should be a focus on preventing things like knife crime instead.

The audience member agreed with Ms Hartley-Brewer that the focus should be on education.

11:22pm update: Another question.

An audience member asked if snacking should be banned on public transport.

Ms Hartley-Brewer said smelly and noisy food should be banned.

She asked if people were going to be checked by the police what they were eating.

Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce (Image: BBC)

11:30pm update: An audience member said it was arrogant of Mr Paphitis to say people didn’t know what they were voting for.

Mr Paphitis said the man was bright.

A woman in the audience said she stands on her high horse, she knew what she was voting for.

11:19pm update: Mr Read said there should be a citizens assembly.

A man in the audience said another referendum would undermine the Government.

Another audience memebr said an issue was people were unwilling to respect the outcome of the referendum.

11:18pm update: Mr Read said the “endless nightmare” of Brexit would not end. 

He said there was no time for more waiting and “democracy is failing us”.

He claimed Extinction Rebellion was about the “enrichment of democracy”.

11:16pm update: Mr Paphitis said he was willing to compromise and have a clear referendum.

He said after the refrendum the Government could execute it so there are no more arguements.

The businessmen claimed an election should be held after that.

11:14pm update: Mr Paphitis said many people knew more than they did now.

He said a “general election” sorts nothing out. 

He received applause from the audience.

Grant Shapps

Grant Shapps (Image: BBC)

11:11pm update: A gentleman in the audience highlighted how if Ms Nandy wanted MrrJohnson to leave No10 then she should “make up her mind” and back a generel election.

Ms Hartley-Brewer asked if there would be any compromise if Remain won the referendum.

She said there had been no compromise from the EU so far.

11:10pm update: A man in the audience said the comments made by the panel was more spin.

He said the British people had to wake up and get Mr Johnson and the Conservatives out of Parliament.

A woman in the audience said the people were interested in the effects of Brexit. 

11:08pm update: Ms Nandy said the problem was there was already a deal and the Government should not “wasting time”.

Mr Grant asked her what the other deal was.

Ms Bruce asked her if a deal came out of Mr Johnson’s meeting would she vote for it, she said yes.

11:05pm update: Ms Nandy said she found Brexit talk “depressing”.

She said the UK was further away from a deal since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister.

She claimed if “you threaten the EU then you threaten the UK people”.

11:03pm update: Another question.

An audience member asked if there was a realistic pathway to Brexit at the end of October or if it was a political spin.

Mr Shapps said he hadn’t spoken to Mr Johnson about the talks with Leo Varadkar.

11:01pm update: Ms Nandy told Ms Harley-Brewer how Extibction Rebellion were not bullies.

Ms Hartley-Brewer highlighted how Labour was against fracking which owuld help carbon emission be reduced.

Ms Nandy and Ms Hartley-Brewer debated over the science behind climate change.

Julia Hartley-Brewer

Julia Hartley-Brewer (Image: BBC)

10:58pm update: Mr Read claimed Mr Shapps was not telling the truth about the UK’s carbon emmissions.

Mr Read told him: “I so wish you would start telling the truth.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer said Mr Reads reprots were “Malthus on crack cocaine”.

10:56pm update: An audience member said he wanted accountbaility on private car ownership.

A woman who was held up by the protestors said a “bit of disruption” is nothing if it will make a differene.

Mr Read called for audience members to join him in the protests after the show.

10:54pm update: Mr Shapps told Mr Read the activists should go to another less environmentally conscious country to protest.

An audience member backed up Mr Shapps.

Another woman applauded the sentiment of the protestors.

22:53pm update: Mr Pahitis called the acitivists “numpties”.

Mr Read replied he was getting applause in the show.

Grant Shapps claimed there “needs to be a grip” on climate change.

22:51pm update: Ms Hartley-Brewer claimed the protestors did not base their acitivism on science.

She called the group a “quasi-religious death cult”.

Mr Read claimed acitivist Greta Thunberg supported Extinction Rebellion.

Theo Paphitis

Theo Paphitis (Image: BBC)

10:48pm update: An audience member said the protestors were alienating themselves from people.

Another member said she supported the activists and found it “sad” they were being arrested not applauded.

Julia Hartley-Brewer denied there was a catstrophe heading towards the planet.

10:47pm update: An audience member said people dancing in the street were the wrong people putting out the message.

He backed up Mr Paphitis on how the activists are causing problems for normal people. 

He said it wasn’t a protest but a field day.

10:45 update: Audience member called the methods deplorable.

Rupert Read said other methods didn’t work but Extinction Rebellion raised awareness.

Mr Paphitis called him “deluded”.

10:40pm update: Theo Paphitis claimed he supports the cause but the methods were “ridiculous”

He claimed climate change was on the lips of many businesses at a recent conference.

He condemned acyivists for stopping people carrying on with their every day lives.

10:40pm update: First question is asked

Audience member asks if activists for climate change should be applauded or arrested.

Ms Nandy said she supports activists and the issue is always “kicked into the long grass”

She said we should make “common cause” with people who want to improve lives in the country.

10:35pm update: BBC Question Time begins

Host Fiona Bruce opens the show

Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy (Image: BBC)

Who is Julia Hartley-Brewer?

Julia Hartley-Brewer is a journalist and broadcaster.

She presents a daily show on talkRADIO.

Ms Hartley-Brewer has previously worked for the Daily Express, the Guardian and the Evening Standard.

Who is Lisa Nandy?

Lisa Nandy is the Labour MP for Wigan.

Ms Nandy was Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary between 2015-2016.

She worked for the charities Centrepoint and The Children’s Society before entering Parliament in 2010.

Who is Grant Shapps?

Grant Shapps is the Conservative Party’s transport minister.

He was the Party Chairman between 2012-2015.

Mr Shapps is the MP for Welwyn and Hatfield.

Who is Rupert Read?

Rupert Read is the spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

Mr Read is an academic at the University of East Anglia.

He was a Green councillor between 2004-2011.

Who is Theo Paphitis?

Theo Paphitis is a businessman and broadcaster.

He was one of the dragons on BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Mr Paphitis is the Chancellor of Solent University in Southampton.

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