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Late on Saturday the weather will once again turn sour, with snow arriving over Scotland. Over Sunday the cold spell will spread across much of the country. Due to fierce northerly winds temperatures will feel below freezing for northern parts of the country.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin explained: “We will see a change over the weekend, as we start to see things turning colder by Sunday.

“There’ll be some wet weather around too, particularly so on Saturday and for most of the weekend there will be a pretty brisk wind blowing.

“It’s going to turn colder again as northern winds pick up through Sunday.

“They could be pretty strong in places and introduce more wintry showers.”

Snow should be expected over northern Scotland from late Saturday onwards.


During Sunday the cold front producing this will move across the country, depositing snow over Scotland, Wales and the south-west of England.

The snow will generally be concentrated over hilly areas, though it should spread much lower for northern Scotland.

Sunday will also see strong northerly winds, producing a powerful wind chill factor.

The cold conditions will continue as we head into the new working week.

However Friday will be relatively mild with some light rain.

Mr Deakin predicts: “Friday morning frost free for many so yes it has turned milder.

“A rather drab morning for many and there’ll be some rain and drizzle in places.

“May see some sunny spells particularly in the far-north of Scotland.

“The rest of Scotland will be rather drab with a brisk breeze and drizzle coming and going, as there will be over parts of northwest England and Wales.”

Patchy rain should also be expected across south-east England and East Anglia, with the latter starting the day relatively cold.

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