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He said: “I speak regrettably as a divorced man and when I got divorced I instructed a lawyer to go and sort my case. She did not come back two and a half years later and say ‘actually we think it would be a good idea if you go and move in with your bloody ex-wife’. She sorted out the divorce – that’s what you should be doing.”

His last comment was aimed at the politicians on the panel – the Tory’s former Brexit minister Suella Braverman and Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey.

Mr Ferrari expressed his frustration with the UK Parliament floundering over Brexit in answer to a question about whether the public could stomach delaying leaving the EU by extending Article 50.

Mr Healey lay the blame at the feet of the Government, but Mr Ferrari said he blamed everyone in the Commons.

He said: “You talk about the failure of the Government, you talk about the failure of negotiations and, in part, you’re right.

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“But there’s a far greater failure confronting the people here tonight and the people watching at home and it’s the failure of 650 people who we pay £77,000/year minimum – and you get more as you go up the scale.

“You have failed to implement what you were told to do – you are at risk of losing the will and support of the Great British public.”

Mr Ferrari particularly criticised MPs Dominic Grieve and Yvette Cooper who both tabled amendments that some argue attempt to frustrate Brexit.

Tory MP Mr Grieve’s amendment forced the Prime Minister to return to Parliament with her Plan B just three days after her deal’s Commons defeat.

Labour MP Ms Cooper’s amendment would attempt to delay Brexit by allowing Article 50 to be extended.

Mr Ferrari said: “Both were elected on manifestos that said they would support the will of the British public and bring about a Brexit. I think it’s important to remember that.”

The LBC legend also shut down Remainer journalist Sonia Sodha, who said Brexiteer James Dyson was relocating his company to Singapore to save himself from the negative consequences of Brexit.

Mr Ferrari said: “There are 4000 staff members, two staff have gone. I’ve never been very good at maths but I think that leaves 3,998.

“This is a man who paid £175million in tax last year.

“That builds a lot of hospitals and schools.”

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